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About David's Firewood


We are located in Clovis, New Mexico and have been providing wood for wholesale and retail customers for over 25 years.  We started selling wood out of our backyard to local customers and now have grown to be one of the largest piñon suppliers in the nation.  All wood is processed here at our location whether it be splitting, cutting, drying, or loading.  Since piñon has become such a demand, we package piñon for numerous chains around the nation to make it available to everyone!. Currently we offer a different variety of woods to local customers and wholesale buyers. 

To our wholesale buyers, we offer a variety of woods that are sold in bulk and can be delivered within New Mexico and Texas.

To our local customers, we offer a variety of woods that can be sold by the stick up to a cord. We offer most of our wood in stove cut 16" - 18" lengths and standard 22"-24" lengths.

(Stove cut lengths are not sold by the cubic cord.)

To our customers who wish to enjoy small amounts of piñon for their outdoor enjoyment, we package piñon  in different size bags for different chains.  The bag that is seen in the picture to the right is a 1 cubic ft. bag with 7" pieces of piñon that is available in Lowe's Home Improvements around the US.  Please contact us for a store close to you!


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